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Jasmine Lové's Digital Ink Lettering Brushes for Photoshop


Create beautiful hand-lettering or calligraphy with a natural ink-brush appeal using Jasmine Lové's Digital Ink Lettering Brushes for Photoshop. Made with love and joy, by yours truly. —Jasmine Lové <3

Watch how I use my brushes with the Adobe Sketch app on my iPad Pro to create calligraphy-styled lettering and an inky illustration: 

My brushes were created to help you add a calligraphic or brush pen-and-ink flair to your digital lettering. With natural ink-styled edges, these brushes are perfect for lettering, calligraphy, doodles, or any kind of illustration. These brushes react to pen pressure, tilt, rotation, and direction. Create digital art while maintaining your beautiful handmade look.


  • Adobe Photoshop brush pack file (.abr) with 58 brushes. Most of these can be added to your Creative Cloud library and be used in the Adobe Sketch app! At the time Adobe Sketch app does not yet support any Mixers, Erasers, Smudge or Bristle Tip brushes. 
  • Adobe Photoshop Tool Preset file (.tpl) with all 60 brushes (includes Erasers) as a Tool Preset.
  • THREE 9x14" 300dpi Digital Art Textures.
  • Brushes display sheet PDFs.
  • License information.


Anyone who already owns this set will receive brush updates and new additions for when I update this set (even when the price increases).


Learn to create your own custom digital-lettering by taking my online Skillshare class, "Photoshop Lettering: Modern Script" (

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You'll receive a Photoshop Tool Preset (.tpl) file and a Brushes (.abr) file.

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Jasmine Lové's Digital Ink Lettering Brushes for Photoshop

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