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Doodle Brushes Set for Photoshop

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A set of 65 doodle, sketch, and texture brushes, created to help you add more fun and character to your illustrations and designs. Why? Because art and design should be fun! ^_^

These are really fun to use when creating tribal-like designs and aimless patterns as well. I had a lot of fun and such a relaxing time while doodling with these brushes. It’s nice when things don’t have to feel so perfect and finalized, but instead loose and free. I encourage you to give it a try! :)

And as always, I appreciate your support. Happy Creating!


This set has a little bit of everything! Including brushes for:

  • doodling
  • sketching
  • inking
  • painting
  • adding texture
  • making patterns
  • plus some foliage brushes!


- .ABR (Photoshop Brushes file)

- .TPL (Photoshop Tool Preset file)

- .ABR (For the Ps Sketch app—this file excludes the Photoshop brush types that are not yet compatible with the Ps Sketch app, such as “dynamic brushes”)

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Doodle Brushes Set for Photoshop

0 ratings
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